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How much space do I need for the Swim Gymm®?

The Swim Gymm® is compact and portable by design. The Aquatic workout area measures 7’ wide x 11’ long x 4’ deep and has an outer footprint of 8’ 6” wide x 12’ 6” long. The Swim Gymm® is perfect for small backyards, townhomes, condos, patios, the garage or even the basement!

Is the Swim Gymm® Expensive?

Affordable, portable and compact by design, The Swim Gymm® is an inexpensive way to exercise at home in the privacy of your own backyard, garage or basement! Why have an expensive gym membership, expensive personal trainer or space consuming expensive home gym equipment when you can enjoy the endless benefits of swim Gymm® Aquatic exercise for less!

Can I assemble the Swim Gymm® myself?

Portable by design, The Swim Gymm® can be assembled in just minutes without the need for ANY nuts, bolts or screws!!! The easy “snap – together” galvanized 1.5” framework can be assembled by yourself (although an extra person makes it even faster) in usually 30 minutes or less.

Can I move the Swim Gymm® easily?

If you wish to disassemble the Swim Gymm® it can be easily taken down and stored or relocated. The Swim Gymm® includes a drain valve to conveniently & quickly empty the water. Once drained, The Swim Gymm® can be disassembled in just minutes. Take the Swim Gymm® with you if you relocate to a new home or take it…

What type of surface can I assemble the Swim Gymm® on?

We recommend the Swim Gymm® be assembled on a flat, level surface. Concrete is best and in most cases flat and level. Other types of acceptable surfaces include, dirt, asphalt or sand. We also recommend that the ground be free of any rocks or sharp objects. A popular accessory is our happy bottom pool padding.…

How much electrical power will I need?

Unlike huge swim spas with multiple large energy consuming pumps, the standard Swim Gymm® only requires 110V standard 15 amp outlet to operate the economical pump and filter system. The resistance swim tether eliminates the need for expensive multiple pumps while still providing an amazing workout. We do offer upgraded heating options for colder climates (recommended) which can require 110V…

Is taking care of the Swim Gymm® something I can do myself or do I need to hire a weekly pool service?

Because of the compact design, The Swim Gymm® is only a fraction of the size of a average pool. With just over 2,000 gallons, the care and maintenance is something that just about anyone can do themselves. Every Swim Gymm® includes a pump and filter system to keep the water clean and clear. We also offer an optional salt…

How many exercises can I do with the Swim Gymm®?

We stopped counting after a few dozen!!! Freestyle – backstroke – butterfly – breaststroke – leg kick – side leg kick – Bi-cep arm curl – reverse forearm curl – tri-cep curl – lateral arm extension – standing butterfly – reverse lateral – standing front arm extension – aquatic jogging – kick boarding – surfboard paddling and many more!!…

Can I use the Swim Gymm® year round?

The Swim Gymm® is designed for year round use. You can decide where and when you want to exercise in the privacy of your own home or yard. Because of the compact design, you can put the Swim Gymm® indoors in cooler climates or outdoors in warmer climates. We also offer a wide selection of heating options to accommodate…