Top 3 types of exercise for people over 50

Since we all grow old together, most of us who once played High School sports such as soccer or basketball are only watching from the seats today. As we all wait for our doctors to invent the “magic age reducing pill” we must adapt to new activities that will keep our bodies limber and fit. Grabbing the skateboard and heading over to your friends house is not the popular choice for most still pursuing the fountain of youth.

According to a study by the Laboratory of Sports Medicine. The Pennsylvania State University reported that lung capacity and heart strength diminish with age. Cardio exercise will strengthen your heart and lungs, burn calories, and metabolize fat as energy. If you too have not been active recently, three top exercises recommended to begin with are:

  • brisk walking
  • swimming, or
  • any type of resistance exercise

Try to get into a weekly routine of three to four times per week. Alternatively, swimming enables you to do a whole body exercise with minimal stress on your joints in which you may have lost some flexibility in your 50s in the least amount of workout time.

Remember you are not as young as you once were, so start your exercise program gently and only increase your workload and intensity as you get fitter and stronger. Seek the advice of your doctor before you start any exercise program. Get sufficient rest and allow your body enough recovery time between exercise sessions.

In addition to walking and swimming, any type of resistance exercise can be ideal. Many simple resistance routines can be done right at home with minimal investment with basic resistance bands. Arms, legs, back, shoulder and other parts of the body can be exercised right at home at a comfortable pace which is good for any level of fitness.

To achieve the optimum workout with maximum results, consider combining both resistance and swimming. The Swim Gymm® is an affordable and portable in-home or backyard Aquatic fitness and therapy pool. This compact pool can be heated to the optimum workout temperature to provide ultimate underwater resistance while reducing the stress and strain found with land -based exercises.

The Swim Gymm® is an excellent way to stay in shape in the privacy of your own home. Excellent for all levels of swimmers, athletes or individuals looking to recover from injury, users can also enjoy the underwater treadmill to increase core strength, balance and range of motion. This underwater treadmill can add the third element of brisk walking to make for the perfect workout trifecta!

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